Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tornado sky

They say that the sky looks the most beautiful after a really bad storm, like a tornado.
As ironic as this is, it is very much true.
A tornado came through where I live today.
I was at work.
This is what the sky looked like right it passed.
Of course the picture doesn't do it any justice.
But there were blues, and purples in there.
And it was just a flat blanket of cloud.
Looked incredible.


  1. I like the shot of the sky, especially the lighter parts out in the distance. Now I want Steak n Shake.

  2. sky looks crazy before and after a hurricane too

  3. You can notice all the power out on all the signs. Publix in the bakground must have so lights on back up or something.
    And the Wells Fargo is just painted brightly.

  4. Thats crazy, im assuming you live in North Carolina?

  5. Dude that is an awesome shot!
    Musta been some what relaxing to stare at.

  6. I've heard that about how nice the sky looks after a storm. I've never had the chance to experience it though.

  7. Very nice. We don't get tornadoes here, only wild fires every once a year or so.

  8. The clouds look so light and fluffy.

  9. Thats an awesome shot you got

  10. Look EXACTLY like my neighborhood!

    Please follow my blog!

  11. I love storms, the sky right before and after is incredible. Never had to endure a full on tornado though. Heavy man.