Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dream 2

Another dream I had the other night.
It wasn't lucid, unfortunately.
It would have been awesome if it was, since it was in a mall setting.

Well it started off at some protest at Victoria's Secret.
(Why there, I don't know)
And my friend and I must have been pretty worked up, because we said some things that angered the mall cops.
They began chasing us.  My friend got captured pretty soon.
I had to keep evading.
The chase seemed to last about 2 hours.
Somewhere in the middle of the dream the mall turned into a very tall hotel/apartment building.
I remember there being a large box structure that was attached to a zip line that went from the top to the ground.
Even odder, the zipline contained a bathroom.

Don't you just love how dreams make perfect sense?

Anyways, I don't remember the outcome, but I don't believe I was ever caught.

Maaaaan that would have been an awesome lucid dream too. Dang.


  1. That sounds a cracking dream, a real aventure. I love getting dreams like this.

  2. Huh, I was dreaming about that Hitler was trying to kill me, but bullets haven't killed me. Lucky me.

  3. It's been like a week since i've dreamed, it sucks :(

  4. haha ive been trying to teach myself to lucid dream, how often you have em?