Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fallout series

I've recently been hooked on the Fallout series.
About a year ago I got Fallout 3, and thought it was an incredible game.
And now my addiction is New Vegas.
There is so much originality in the game.
The huge, almost endless seeming Wasteland, on which your character is free to go ANYWHERE is one of a kind.
All the weapons, perks, items, aid makes this game seem so detailed.
There's always something new to do.

My ONLY complaint about this game is that sometimes there are too many side missions, inside of missions, inside of missions (Inception anyone?).  But nonetheless, I think this is an awesome game.

Here's a cool wallpaper...


  1. I've never been, but I think I will.

  2. I LOVE. LOVEEEE. Fallout. You gotta play the first 2

  3. Man i've been wanting to play this since fallout 3 came out. I should plan a weekend for this.

  4. The game is more about exploration and side-quests really! I think the main story line is just an extra.

  5. aww, I forgot about it when I beat it on accident ( I like 100% playthroughs) I might have to dig it out of a moving box sometime soon

  6. Gotta love Fallout. I've lost too many months of my life to the damn side-missions and just running around exploring.

  7. I love games that let you just explore the world at your own pace.