Monday, March 28, 2011

Driving pet peeves.

I enjoy driving, so Ive gotten pretty good at picking apart other drivers.
Here's a few things that annoy me when on the road.

1) Drivers who dont use blinkers.  I mean really?  Is it THAT hard to reach your hand up four inches and flip a switch? Really?
2) People who, during that 30 minutes of half-darkness during sunset and sunrise, turn on those yellow parking lights instead of turning on full-lights.  What's the point, really?  Just turn your lights on.
3)People who ride in the passing lane.... but don't pass.  The sign says "Slower traffic move right" for a reason people.
4) People who ride my bumper, even when I'm going a bit over the speed limit.  All that does is make me want to tap my brakes to piss you off.


  1. X2 on all of those. Except I DO tap my brakes. Almost made a BMW swerve off the road one day, and he STILL tailgated me. So I did it a few more times, he was getting pissed while I was laughing.

  2. some asshole tailing me in bad weather managed to push my car off the off ramp into the big bowl of grass which was filled with snow.... definitely agree with all these peeves

  3. Yeah, I hate when people don't use their blinkers...annoys the living hell outta me!

  4. i hate people who dont use their blinkers people can get seriously injured wth

  5. yeah I do hate when people tailgate me.. it's so annoying but I never risk breaking my car even if the person to blame would be him/her it's still not worth it

  6. Ugh I hate everything you said there. Especially the blinkers and the slow people in the passing lane.