Monday, March 28, 2011

Car audio.

Is there any car audio fanatics out there?
Car audio/subwoofers/SPL has been a hobby of mine for a while now.
It has taken up a good chunk of my time, and money.
It's something I can spend time working on, and then enjoy the afterproduct as I cruise the streets.
What other hobbies do we have out there?


  1. Not a car audio person but want to be, once I get a car. I'm all about good quality audio, maybe I'll come to you once I start looking. followeddd.

  2. im a real music lover,but some people take it too far. like stashing the car full of amps and subwoofers. i just want decent sound in my car.not breaking window systems

  3. I like a nice system, but don't like crazy ones. A nice deck, good component speakers and a couple small subs is nice. I'd rather spend the money making the car faster than louder.