Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fast Food.

I work at a well known fast food joint.
I have come to realize how much of a jerk many people are.
People do so many things that just make me *facepalm*

1. If you order something special, do NOT get pissy when it takes longer than usual.

2. If your stupid biscuit isn't brown enough for you, don't take it out on the cashier.  Because you know, he was totally responsible for going back there and cooking it. (Biscuit used for example here, could be anything)

3. The drive through is meant for fast, fluid service. NOT for lazy humans to go through and order a meal for a family of 6.

4. If you come in at lunch (any fast food place's busiest time), your milkshake will not be made quickly.  They take time, especially when there's 5 others ahead of yours.  And when you rage-leave, thanks! You just bought me a shake that I will promptly put in the cooler and save to devour for when I leave.

Ohhhh these erk me.



  2. Im in the mood for fast food now lol.

  3. Lol, that's how it is. My favorite part is the people that order like the fattest meal around, with extra salt and grease, then get a Diet Coke. Like that's gonna save them.

  4. Even worse than fast food itself is the majority of the people who go there...

  5. good things come to those that wait... especially for #1

  6. i love fast food...i do not mind waiting for food is still faster than restaurant at busy times

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  7. Ha yeah people can be kind of crazy when ordering what they want to eat.

  8. You must have a high tolerance for pain, my head feels like it's going to explode everytime I enter a face food joint.

  9. i know how you feel exactly haha i used to work at a burger joint

  10. You are the kind of fast food worker I respect, my only problem I ever have is when I go to a place, walk in, and people look at me like I'm the cause of all their problems in the world

  11. HAHAHA i work at a fastfood place also
    this job has made me hate poeple
    i hate you all